Virtual Answering Solutions

Customized & Affordable


Part-Time or As Needed

Growing but don’t want to invest in training and hiring more employees? Turn call forwarding on and off whenever you want. It’s a perfect solution if you need a backup for busy times, additional coverage, or someone to fill in when your employees are off.


Call Rollover

Want to give your team first dibs at answering? With call rollover, calls ring your team first. If they don’t pick up, they call us after two rings. You can relax knowing callers get helped by a friendly receptionist even when your team is busy.     

Keep Your Callers Happy and Get Your Time Back

When someone calls your business, they want to be helped right away. Voicemail recordings, automated systems, and long hold times are frustrating. We know you’re busy and answering those calls interrupts your day. At Holly Receptionist, we delight callers with friendly customer service and save you time.

How Do We Know What to Say to Your Callers?

We work closely with you during onboarding to understand how you want us to handle different types of callers. Your specific instructions for new leads, current clients, vendors, or other callers get converted into detailed call-handling procedures. Our receptionists are expert multitaskers and pull up these procedures whenever someone calls. This lets us skillfully document information, answer general questions, schedule appointments, relay messages, and transfer calls to the right person with ease. 


What Clients Say About Us

Holly Receptionist has been our go-to virtual receptionist for the past 3 years. Carod Properties was growing faster than our team could manage, and outsourcing made more sense than hiring a full-time, in-house employee. Marguerite’s team is absolutely phenomenal — no matter who answers, they are always pleasant, friendly, and professional. I feel confident my business is in good hands because they use consistent processes for answering and transferring calls to the right person on our team. It opened up so much time for me to focus on other things. We all love Holly and couldn’t be happier with their services!  

Sherkica Miller-McIntyre

CEO, Carod Properties